Alvino – “All Began With A Castle”

Alvino’s debut album is out today! Licensed to Sony for Italy, it’s now available for you via Flat Frog’s distribution channels.

“All Began With A Castle”, the iconic album of the most-wanted italian emerging dj. Spanning from electro house to more sophisticated electronica-like tracks to musical virtuosity. A MUST HAVE album.

The single track is “Outta Your Hands” featuring Andrea Godin.


The Album is available on iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload and all the major digital stores.

Alvino has begun his career in the electro music scene thanks to “The S” project. He was part of this duo and he played in the biggest European clubs as well as released tracks and remixes on some top indie-labels like Dim Mak and Ultra Records.

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D-Bag & Headless

In a few week we’ve been releasing new tracks from D-Bag and Headless.

Headless went into EDMish tracks with their Totem two-tracks album supported by
D-Bag explores something different. the “Distance” EP is a 5 tracks collection quite far from his “standard” sound.

See the promos:


Download “Totem”:


[D Bag]

Download “La Distance”:

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Power Francers “Schiaccio Play”

“Schiaccio Play” it’s the italian for “Press Play”, so, what are you waiting for?


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Power Francers – “Prendo il volo”

Ever wondered how it would be a robbery in first person? Power Francers have gone into this. The video of the GoPro footage of a fake-robbery has been widely spread all over the internet in the last week, generating a debate on whether the “Pinka Ranger” user was a real robber posting the footage taken out of the GoPro or if it was fake.

We can now say it was a fake, but with the appeal of a ‘real’ robbery.

Hereunder is the video, result of the combo of the 4 different points of view from the GoPro of the team:



Here’s the link to the ‘Pinka Ranger’ channel, where you can see the different point of views in full length (with no audio).

Power Francers did it again.

Link to the “Prendo il volo” release:


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D-Bag feat. The Marphoi Project – “Behind These Words”

D-Bag is going deep in his darkest side. A different track.

Let the playlist go and listen to the first release by Headless on Flat Frog “Arcade”, a B O U N C I N G track by D-Bag.
It’s been a crazy december.
Merry Xmas & happy holidays!

See you in the new Year.

PS: we’ve just added our vine channel. Follow if you wanna see the backstage and what’s inside Flat Frog.

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