Pelussje – “Sangre EP” Remixes

Finally available the remixes for “Sangre EP”. With huge support from the whole dance scene, a bloody video and some cherry topping reviews, here e go ith the remixes – spanning from Calvertron to Udek (aka Edu K), D-Bag and The ‘S’.
The release contains the 2 remixes that were choosen in the Pelussje remix contest.

Here’s the full tracklist:

Shake my blood (Calvertron Remix)
Frogsplash (Udek Rave Zombie Mix)
Frogsplash (D-Bag Remix)
Frogsplash (Gerruzz Remix)
Shake my blood (The “S” Remix)
Frogsplash (2Cage Remix)
Shake my blood (Genesi Vocal Remix)

Supported by Aniki, Reset, Gigi Barocco the release is set to conquer all the different kind of dancefloors.

Here’s the minimix with all the tracks sampled and mixed:

The release with all the remixes is available today on Beatport.

Go get it and don’t forget to add Flat Frog to your ‘myBeatport’ labels!

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