Power Francers – “Power Francers”

And finally, the Power Francers album is out.

A double swaggy album: the first CD comes with a collection of 12 gems spanning over a wide range of different subgenres of electro-fidget-dubbo-younameit-house. The second CD (“swag edition”) comes with a collection of remixes of the tracks of the first one.

The remixes are from D-Bag, the PowerFrancers themselves, Alvino, Savva, Pelussje, Two Fingerz, Ckrono & Slash, Big Fish and other alternative versions of the original tracks.

Only one – very important – featuring among the tracks, and it’s done by Dargen D’Amico on the track “Colori”.

The release is out on Flat Frog Worldwide excluding EU, where it’s released by EMI.

CD cover

Here are some snippet from the previously unreleased tracks of the first album:


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