Katerfrancers Mixtape

Yes, we’re back on track with a string of new tracks ready to be delivered.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that PowerFrancers‘ website has been revamped. And meanwhile Caterina Katerfrancers has put out her first mixtape, hosted by madman.

cover katerfrancers mixtape

It’s free and you can download it from Powerfrancers‘ website. “Niente per niente” (which means “Nothing for nothing”), something you can’t miss and leads to Powerfrancers, which are working with D-Bag for something new – stay tuned.

More tracks in the making from new artists on Flat Frog.

If you think your tracks fits our genre, please do not hesitate and send them over by mp3 or soundcloud/youtube/whateverplatform link.

[the whole Flat Frog’s repertoire is streamable on Spotify, Deezer and soon Rdio]


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