Flat Frog. An awesome record label.

Flat Frog is an electro-funky-indie-nudisco label.
Hailing from Reggio Emilia, Italy, the first signings are D-Bag, Favretto, Power Francers, Auxman, Pelussje and Les Trashick.
First releases have been remixed by Congorock, LARiots, Treasure Fingers, The Toxic Avenger, Defunct!, Blazetripp, The ‘S’, Lazy Ants, Gigi Barocco and Calvertron.

Flat Frog is releasing through digital outlets such as iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload and Traxsource.
Maybe you’ll be able to buy some merch from Flat Frog. We’re workin’ on it.

Flat Frog is even interested in listening to your productions. So, go to the contact page and find all the possible ways for you to let us listen to your demos.

Why the name ‘Flat Frog‘? I don’t know, but you’re in my business, baby.