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Alvino – “All Began With A Castle”

Alvino’s debut album is out today! Licensed to Sony for Italy, it’s now available for you via Flat Frog’s distribution channels. “All Began With A Castle”, the iconic album of the most-wanted italian emerging dj. Spanning from electro house to more sophisticated electronica-like tracks to musical virtuosity. A MUST HAVE album. The single track is “Outta Your Hands” […]

D-Bag & Headless

In a few week we’ve been releasing new tracks from D-Bag and Headless. Headless went into EDMish tracks with their Totem two-tracks album supported by D-Bag explores something different. the “Distance” EP is a 5 tracks collection quite far from his “standard” sound. See the promos: [Headless] Download “Totem”: Beatport iTunes   [D Bag] […]

Power Francers “Schiaccio Play”

“Schiaccio Play” it’s the italian for “Press Play”, so, what are you waiting for?   Related Posts:Power Francers – “Dolce e Gabbana”Power Francers – “Mamma” SanRemo SocialKaterfrancers – “Bonita” VIDEO

Power Francers – “Prendo il volo”

Ever wondered how it would be a robbery in first person? Power Francers have gone into this. The video of the GoPro footage of a fake-robbery has been widely spread all over the internet in the last week, generating a debate on whether the “Pinka Ranger” user was a real robber posting the footage taken […]

D-Bag feat. The Marphoi Project – “Behind These Words”

D-Bag is going deep in his darkest side. A different track. Let the playlist go and listen to the first release by Headless on Flat Frog “Arcade”, a B O U N C I N G track by D-Bag. It’s been a crazy december. Merry Xmas & happy holidays! See you in the new Year. […]