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Power Francers – “Mamma” SanRemo Social

[ITA] I Power Francers tornano con un nuovo brano e un nuovo video e tentano di entrare a San Remo 2012 – sezione giovani. “I Power Francers a SanRemo?” Ma per fare questo, abbiamo bisogno anche del tuo click. Come si fa? Dove posso vedere il video? Il video è disponibile in esclusiva fino all’8/1/2012 […]

Pelussje – “Sangre EP” Remixes

Finally available the remixes for “Sangre EP”. With huge support from the whole dance scene, a bloody video and some cherry topping reviews, here e go ith the remixes – spanning from Calvertron to Udek (aka Edu K), D-Bag and The ‘S’. The release contains the 2 remixes that were choosen in the Pelussje remix […]

Pelussje Remix Contest – Winners announced

It’s been quite hard, but finally we found out the winners of the Sangre EP remix contest. Fisrt of all, thanks to all the participating djs and producers. We received more than 20 submissions in a few days, which is a big achievement. Most of them from Italy, which makes us proud and happy regarding […]

Pelussje Remix contest

Pelussje and Flat Frog launched a remix contest with the release of “Sangre EP”, the two-title EP (Frogsplash & Shake my blood) recently released by Pelussje. If you’re a producer and you will to remix those 2 tracks (or one of them), here are the link to the Stems (or remix parts) of the 2 […]