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Alvino – “All Began With A Castle”

Alvino’s debut album is out today! Licensed to Sony for Italy, it’s now available for you via Flat Frog’s distribution channels. “All Began With A Castle”, the iconic album of the most-wanted italian emerging dj. Spanning from electro house to more sophisticated electronica-like tracks to musical virtuosity. A MUST HAVE album. The single track is “Outta Your Hands” […]

Katerfrancers Mixtape

Yes, we’re back on track with a string of new tracks ready to be delivered. Meanwhile, you may have noticed that PowerFrancers‘ website has been revamped. And meanwhile Caterina Katerfrancers has put out her first mixtape, hosted by madman. It’s free and you can download it from Powerfrancers‘ website. “Niente per niente” (which means “Nothing […]

Wired – Power Francers “Stile”

[ITA] I Power Francers incontrano i ragazzi di Wired per un bel documentario sul “come creare una canzone che va al numero 1″. Inutile dire che serve tanto Stile! Video disponibile qua:   [ENG] Power Francers have teamed up with Wired Italy’s crew to produce this phenomenal documentary. It deal with the strong and […]

Pompo nelle casse FREE DOWNLOAD

[ITA] , [ENG] below Ecco un modo per ottenere “Pompo nelle casse” gratuitamente. Vai sulla pagina Facebook di Flat Frog. : Fai click su ‘Mi piace’ e ti verrà indicato il link dove scaricare “Pompo nelle casse” (The ‘S’ Remix). Se sei già fan (bravo, lo sapevo che eri avanti anni luce rispetto ai […]