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D-Bag “Heterogenea” EP

D-Bag’s EP is finally out! Stream it, love it, download it!     Available on iTunes Related Posts:D-Bag’s back! “Heterogenea” EP out May 7thPower Francers – “Dolce e Gabbana”D-Bag – “Double D”

D-Bag’s back! “Heterogenea” EP out May 7th

Get ready for Heterogenea EP! D-Bag‘s long-awaited comeback. We’ll be leaking chunks of the tracks on Soundcloud and YouTube. Subscribe and stay tuned to get them first! Release date is May, 7th. Some of the most near already listened. And “EPIC EP!” is the most recurring comment. Related Posts:D-Bag “Heterogenea” EPD-Bag feat. The Marphoi Project […]

Les Trashick – “Geddown” (Remixes)

Les Trashick come back with this list of remixes of their “Geddown” track.   Savva (one half of the duo) reworks the track with an Ibiza sounding style, synth and drums directly from the Isla blanca. Headless, a debuting dj duo, go further in the direction of the dutch style: DJ Schedule 1, from his […]

Power Francers – “Power Francers”

And finally, the Power Francers album is out. A double swaggy album: the first CD comes with a collection of 12 gems spanning over a wide range of different subgenres of electro-fidget-dubbo-younameit-house. The second CD (“swag edition”) comes with a collection of remixes of the tracks of the first one. The remixes are from D-Bag, […]

Les Trashick vs Edward F – “EMO”

A huge collection of remixes for this new release from Les Trashick and Edward F. EMO [which is the greek prefix for ‘Blood’ – that’s why that bloody cover sleeve] is a 100% Made in Italy release: all the tracks, from the original to the 10 different remixes, have been produced by italian djs. The […]