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Pelussje – “Sangre EP” Remixes

Finally available the remixes for “Sangre EP”. With huge support from the whole dance scene, a bloody video and some cherry topping reviews, here e go ith the remixes – spanning from Calvertron to Udek (aka Edu K), D-Bag and The ‘S’. The release contains the 2 remixes that were choosen in the Pelussje remix […]

Pelussje “Frogsplash” VIDEO

Finally out the video. Give it a close look, it includes snippet from Flat Frog’s offices, as well as guest starring appearances from D-Bag, Gerruzz, Belzebass, The “S” and a lot of other DJs and producers. Awesome. PELUSSJE – “FROGSPLASH” © 2010 Flat Frog a video by THISGASTHING Director Of Photography: Emanuela Bava Set Manager: […]

Pelussje Remix contest

Pelussje and Flat Frog launched a remix contest with the release of “Sangre EP”, the two-title EP (Frogsplash & Shake my blood) recently released by Pelussje. If you’re a producer and you will to remix those 2 tracks (or one of them), here are the link to the Stems (or remix parts) of the 2 […]