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Les Trashick – “Geddown” (Remixes)

Les Trashick come back with this list of remixes of their “Geddown” track.   Savva (one half of the duo) reworks the track with an Ibiza sounding style, synth and drums directly from the Isla blanca. Headless, a debuting dj duo, go further in the direction of the dutch style: DJ Schedule 1, from his […]

Les Trashick – “Geddown”

FInally, here’s the minimix preview for “Geddown”. The original Les Trashick version gets a complete rework by Gigi Barocco. Out on April, 8th on Flat Frog (iTunes, Beatport), this track has an “old-school” video. Well, you’ll understand what “old school” means when you’ll see it (live on Flat Frog’s Youtube channel on April, 8th – […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Les Trashick.

Here’s “Geddown” teaser. Les Trashick come back with a new single (and video). A classroom, a teacher, english lessons and a lipstick. Related Posts:Les Trashick – “Geddown”Les Trashick – “Geddown” (Remixes)Les Trashick – “Geddown (Taste my lipstick)” VIDEO