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Les Trashick – “Geddown” (Remixes)

Les Trashick come back with this list of remixes of their “Geddown” track.   Savva (one half of the duo) reworks the track with an Ibiza sounding style, synth and drums directly from the Isla blanca. Headless, a debuting dj duo, go further in the direction of the dutch style: DJ Schedule 1, from his […]

Les Trashick vs Edward F – “EMO”

A huge collection of remixes for this new release from Les Trashick and Edward F. EMO [which is the greek prefix for ‘Blood’ – that’s why that bloody cover sleeve] is a 100% Made in Italy release: all the tracks, from the original to the 10 different remixes, have been produced by italian djs. The […]

Les Trashick – “Polish up my trumpet” – VIDEO

Have you ever wondered how does it look a wormish rabbit? Have you ever seen a male-female couple of wormish rabbits? And a battle between them? Well, you’re gonna see them all in Les Trashick’ “Polish up my trumpet” brand new video, with 8-bit insertion of the song, because we love retro-computing. Directly from Arkuma’s […]

Les Trashick – “Polish up my trumpet”

Yes, it’s finally out today “Polish up my trumpet”, the long awaited single by Les Trashick. A bouncy riff and a trumpet draw the line of this new track, which has been reworked by Birdee and Useless Wooden Toys. Minimix:   Sample of the release:     The release is available for download on iTunes, […]

Bloopers – VIDEO

[ENG] Ok, so you viewed and liked Flat Frog’s video (in case you didn’t, you should, and it’s easy, click on the ‘video tab‘ and watch’em all). They’re cool, aren’t they? Well, the video we got from ThisGASThing had this little ‘extra’, which are the bloopers. Because, you know, it’s not that easy to be […]