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Power Francers – “Prendo il volo”

Ever wondered how it would be a robbery in first person? Power Francers have gone into this. The video of the GoPro footage of a fake-robbery has been widely spread all over the internet in the last week, generating a debate on whether the “Pinka Ranger” user was a real robber posting the footage taken […]

Power Francers – “Power Francers”

And finally, the Power Francers album is out. A double swaggy album: the first CD comes with a collection of 12 gems spanning over a wide range of different subgenres of electro-fidget-dubbo-younameit-house. The second CD (“swag edition”) comes with a collection of remixes of the tracks of the first one. The remixes are from D-Bag, […]

Power Francers – “Stile” (Alvino Remix)

Ready for the launch of their first album “Power Francers” (a double album with lots and lots and lots of swag), the power trio releases this goodbye summer video. The track is the Alvino remix, also available in the upcoming album, out on Sept. 25 – and available as preorder in some territories. Alvino is […]

Power Francers – “Issima”

Yes, it’s here. A brand new ThisGasThing video for PowerFrancers’ latest single.   [EU: click here] or [Rest of the World: watch this one] Related Posts:Katerfrancers “Lei che lo vuole”PowerFrancers & D-Bag “Pompo nelle casse” VIDEO TeaserBloopers – VIDEO

Power Francers – “Mamma”

‘Mamma’ is the first word an human being learns. The video features Power Francers (aka KaterFrancers, GoldenTrash and Pacchiani) with their mothers. PowerFrizzers™ are the official PowerFrancers candies. A ThisGasThing Video ©2011 Flat Frog     Download: iTunes: http://goo.gl/gTl5u Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/#release/mamma/854303                 — Testo / Lyrics: MAMMA Vivo […]